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New as of May 29, 2017:

$5 VPS Plan, Class III VPS Improvements

We're pleased to announce the availability of Class III VPS systems at only $5/month with 512 MB of RAM, suitable for running a single server for those customers on a budget. Also, most Class III VPS systems now have more RAM and storage, check out the details for more information.
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New as of January 3, 2017:

Ten New Locations, New VPS Sizes, $8 VPS Plan, DDoS Protection

We've greatly expanded our service offering for VPS customers today. We can now deploy VPS systems to 18 worldwide locations. We also have two $8/month VPS plans available for those who want to run only small servers. Lastly, we now offer DDoS protection at select locations for Class III VPS systems. Check out the details and order one today!
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New as of June 20, 2016:

Double VPS RAM, New Location

UltimateGameHost is doubling the RAM for all VPS plans at no additional cost (now 2, 4, and 8 GB plans replace the former 1, 2, and 4 GB plans). This applies to current VPS customers as well, who will be upgraded at no charge. Also we are pleased to announce our eighth worldwide location in Frankfurt, DE.
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New as of July 14, 2015:

Control Panel v6.0: Edit, Clone, and Delete for VPS Customers

UltimateGameHost has released version 6.0 of its control panel today, enabling VPS customers to edit, clone, and delete their game server instances quickly and easily. Read our announcement, check out our demo, or watch our tutorial video.
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New as of May 3, 2015:

Now at Seven Locations; Better VPS Offer

UltimateGameHost has expanded to Atlanta, GA and two new locations in Asia today! This brings our total worldwide location count to seven! Customers that would like to move just contact support. Also we've removed the VPS game server limits for new and existing customers! You may now install as many game servers as you like (resource permitting) on your VPS!
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New as of September 23, 2014:

Control Panel v5.1: Daily Restart and More

UltimateGameHost has released version 5.1 of the control panel with a new daily restart feature. We also fixed a few bugs and enabled Garry's Mod customers to run +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 from the Config -> Command Line screen. For a full list of changes click here.
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New as of August 10, 2014:

Control Panel v5.0, VPS Server Offering, Two New Locations

UltimateGameHost has released multiple new features today and has expanded its server offerings. We now offer Virtual Private Servers, and our Control Panel v5.0 has a new interface for VPS customers. We've also expanded our offerings to the US West with the addition of Fremont, CA and for the first time we now have a location in Europe: London, UK.
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New as of July 14, 2014:

Control Panel v4.5: Bugfixes, Enhancements, Addon Updates

UltimateGameHost has released version 4.5 of the control panel with several bugfixes, enhancements, and improvements. Mani Admin Mod can now be installed for CS:GO, and workshop settings for Windows Garry's Mod servers now persist. To see the full list of changes please see the changelog or our demonstration.
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New as of January 20, 2014:

Now Offering Windows Servers

For the first time UltimateGameHost is now offering Windows servers. Effective today TF2, CSS, DODS, Garry's Mod, and HL2DM are available for purchase under the Windows operating system at our Dallas, TX location. Please see our announcement for more information.
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New as of October 20, 2013:

Control Panel v4.4: DarkRP 2.5.0, Evolve, Addon Updates

UltimateGameHost is pleased to release control panel v4.4 bringing the svn versions of ulx/ulib, DarkRP, and Evolve and updating Sourcemod/Metamod:Source. Support for DarkRP 2.5.0 has been added, and Evolve is functioning again. To see the full list of changes please see the changelog or our demonstration.
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New as of April 19, 2013:

Control Panel v4.3.2 and Linux Garry's Mod

Today we have updated our control panel's command line section for Garry's Mod (workshop collection id and authkey can now be configured) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Deathmatch gamemode now selectable). In addition, thanks to operating system upgrades we can now offer linux garry's mod servers at all locations. Existing customers should contact us if they would like to switch off of wine.
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New as of November 17, 2012:

Control Panel v4.3: Patch Rollback Feature

UltimateGameHost is pleased to release control panel v4.3 with a patch rollback feature. No longer does anyone need to wait for a manual downgrade if a bad update comes out, you can now quickly and easily rollback patches via the control panel. To see the full list of changes please click here.
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New as of September 1, 2012:

CS:GO, Minecraft, Default Ports, and Control Panel v4.1!

UltimateGameHost is pleased to be offering two new games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft. We have also added a new default port option to our order form so customers that wish to purchase a separate ip and default port for their server can now do so. Read more here.
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New as of June 2, 2012:

Control Panel v4.0

We released a new version of our control panel this week which adds console logs, a MySQL database console, and more:
You can learn more about the new control panel by watching the video or reading our announcement. We also have new tutorials describing how to use MySQL with Garry's Mod and Sourcemod.
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New as of March 31, 2011:

Control Panel v3.0

We've released a major new version of our control panel. A lot of most requested features have been added, including password management, automated patching and restart, sub-users, and an extras panel (to quickly get up and running with Joomla/clansite, PHPBB3, and/or HLStatsX: CE [stats are available for all source based games except Garry's Mod]). For more information please look at our demo page and our formal announcement.
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New as of December 19, 2010:

Left 4 Dead 2

Ultimate Game Host is now offering Left 4 Dead 2 servers at a price of $10.00 per month. As always, contact us if you don't see your favorite game in our list!
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New as of December 15, 2010:

Increased Maximum Players on Garry's Mod

Ultimate Game Host is now offering Garry's Mod servers from 10 to 32 slots (increments of 2), an increase from a former maximum of 16 slots.
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New as of November 24, 2010:

Newark, NJ location upgrade:

Ultimate Game Host finished a major upgrade today at the Newark NJ location to improve server performance. Thank you to all our customers for your patience while this update was taking place. You can read more about the upgrade here.
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New as of July 5, 2010:

Newark, NJ (near New York City) location available:

Ultimate Game Host has expanded! Our new datacenter location is now available at Newark NJ (this city is located on the East coast, near New York City). Customers can select this new location or our old location, Dallas TX, when they order a server. Existing customers, contact us to move to the new location at no additional charge.
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New as of June 28, 2010:

New Control Panel (sample screenshot):

The New Control Panel
Ultimate Game Host is proud to have released a new, fully featured control panel! Take a look at a demonstration page listing features and screenshots!
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