We offer competitively priced game server hosting for the most popular Steam games (when configurable, we offer servers with player slots from the minimum to maximum as specified, in 2 slot increments):

Game        Minimum Players   Maximum Players 
Counter Strike 1.6 10 32
Counter Strike: Condition Zero 10 32
Counter Strike: Global Offensive [VPS only] 20 32
Counter Strike: Source 10 32
Day of Defeat 1.3 10 32
Day of Defeat: Source 10 32
Garry's Mod 10 32
Half Life: Deathmatch Classic 10 32
Half Life 2: Deathmatch 10 16
Killing Floor N/A N/A
Left 4 Dead 2 N/A N/A
Minecraft 2 (128 MB) 16 (1 GB)
Team Fortress Classic 10 32
Team Fortress 2 10 32

Your game not listed? Please contact us and we will let you know if we plan to add it to the list.

The amount of disk space you can use for custom content and maps depends on the number of slots you purchase. You can read our Disk Space Usage Policy here.

Not only do you get the dedicated game server, but you also get:

  • FTP access to modify your config files and upload your custom maps.
  • Full RCON administrative access to your game.
  • Free clan website hosting! If you have a registered DNS name already, we'll work with you to get that up and running. The control panel can get you started with either Joomla or just webspace so you can write HTML. You may also host file downloads used by your gameserver.
  • Free PsychoStats or HLStatsX: CE website hosting, let the world see your skills! HLStatsX: CE automated installer available from the Extras tab of the control panel for all source based games except Garry's Mod. For other games, contact us.
  • Free PHPBB3 forum with full administrative access. Available for installation from the Extras tab of the control panel.
  • File downloads for your game server. Use our control panel's Extras tab to setup webspace for this.
  • Full web control panel lets you restart your server in seconds if it becomes unresponsive, and much more! See our demo.

*Every purchased server comes with free basic support for the default game installation and, if requested, Sourcemod or AMX ModX. You have control via FTP to install additional third party addons. We cannot provide support for all third party addons, but we will help when we can, such as with the initial install, if you need assistance.