Terms and Conditions

Click here for VPS specific terms and conditions. The terms below apply to game server customers and the usage of the clansite server by VPS customers.

Last update: February 7, 2016

Server Purchase Process and Terms

  • Configure your server on the purchase page and click "Subscribe".
  • Confirm your configuration and click "Subscribe" once more.
  • You will be taken to the PayPal site and be prompted to pay a $5 initial setup fee, or your first upfront cost depending on your payment option. This is a generally non-refundable fee/cost that must be paid before your server is brought online. Exception: your money will be refunded if we cannot bring up your server and we determine the cause to be our fault.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
  • Within a few hours, the automated system should bring your server online (usually it takes a lot less time than this). We will handle your special instructions and other requests within a few days* of receipt. You may also be billed, depending on the payment option you select. If you try the server and you don't want it, let us know and we will take it down.
  • If you don't want your server, notify us and we will stop automatically billing you and shut down your server.
  • There may be periods of downtime, some of which are beyond our control. Hardware failures, network problems, or just to update the server software may require a restart. If this happens and the downtime is longer than 1 hour, you may request a partial refund. Let us know by contacting us. Software updates, which are in our control, can be done regularly at a time convenient for you. Let us know your special requirements in the instructions box.
  • There is no warranty of any kind offered for our services. We cannot be liable for damages resulting from using our servers. We make no guarantee that our services are fit for any particular purpose.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any server at any time for abuse, inappropriate usage, to comply with law enforcement, or any other reason. Refunds will be made when applicable under the law. We are not responsible for any damages, data loss, or other consequences suffered as a result of using our servers. Please use our servers responsibly!

*Initial setup may take longer during designated holidays and vacations. Such dates will be posted on the main page, where applicable.

Payment Options and Terms

  • We now offer multiple payment options and terms to offer the greatest flexibility of choice for our customers. When you purchase a server, you may choose from any of the options below.
  • Payment options and cost savings:
    • Setup fee, then month to month: Pay just a $5 setup fee. On the day your server comes online, you will be billed for the first month. This gives you the opportunity to try out the server for up to 10 days by just paying the $5 setup fee. The setup fee may only be refunded if your server is inoperable due to a problem on our side, as determined by us.
    • Month up front: Pay for the first month upfront, bypassing the setup fee. This saves you $5, and your server will run for a month before the next monthly bill.
    • Three months up front: Pay for the first three months upfront, for an additional savings of 10% off the month by month cost. For example, if your server would normally cost $10/month, instead of paying $30 over a three month term you would pay $27 upfront and your server would run for three months.
    • Six months up front: Pay for the first six months upfront, for an additional savings of 15% off the month by month cost. For example, if your server would normally cost $10/month, instead of paying $60 over a six month term your would pay $51 upfront, a savings of $9!
    • One year up front: Pay for the first year up front, for an additional savings of 20% off the month by month cost. For example, if your server would normally cost $10/month, instead of paying $120 over a year you would pay $96 upfront, a savings of $24!
  • Worry free purchase! If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within the first 24 hours of your server coming online. If you do so, we will refund most of your money, keeping only $5 as our setup fee. Refunds after the first 24 hours are considered on a case by case basis.

Refund Policy

In most cases, your money may only be refunded if your server is inoperable due to a problem on our side, as determined by us. In that case only, it will be a partial refund based on how much time your server was offline vs. how much time your server was online. Also, if you request a refund within the first 24 hours of your server setup, we will usually refund all money except $5.

That being said, in the interest of good customer relations we understand that sometimes you end up purchasing something you don't want, or perhaps your favorite mod doesn't work on the game, or for some other reason you no longer want the server. If you request a refund, we take a look at how long your server has been up and running, that part is crucial. We are much more likely to grant a full or partial refund if you request it within the first day of your server coming online rather than a week later. We resolve refunds on a case by case basis, and we want to be fair to both sides.

Disk Space Usage Policy

This Disk Space Usage policy goes into effect for new customers on February 7, 2016 and for existing customers on March 15, 2016 or their next billing cycle, whichever is later.

Each customer is allowed to use a certain amount of disk space in addition to the space used by the core game files to host custom content and maps. The same amount of space is also permitted on the extras server for fast downloads. The amount of disk space permitted depends on which game and the number of slots that were purchased. VPS customers: you may use all disk space you have available without regard to these limits but you may not store more data on the extras server than the hosted custom content and maps you host on the VPS.

Note: these limits are for custom content, maps, addons, etc. over and above the storage necessary for the core game itself. Customers that require additional storage beyond these limits are encouraged to purchase a VPS to meet their needs.

UltimateGameHost reserves the right to adjust these limits. If we do so, you will be given advance notice if the adjustment adversely affects your account(s). Any adjustment would take effect when your next billing cycle begins.

Disk space usage limits by game type and slot count:

 Slots   HLDS   SRCDS (except CSGO)   CSGO 
10 2.0 GB 1.0 GB N/A
12 2.5 GB 2.0 GB N/A
14 3.0 GB 3.0 GB N/A
16 3.5 GB 4.0 GB N/A
18 4.0 GB 5.0 GB N/A
20 4.5 GB 6.0 GB 1.0 GB
22 5.0 GB 7.0 GB 2.0 GB
24 5.5 GB 8.0 GB 3.0 GB
26 6.0 GB 9.0 GB 4.0 GB
28 6.5 GB 10.0 GB 5.0 GB
30 7.0 GB 11.0 GB 6.0 GB
32 7.5 GB 12.0 GB 7.0 GB

For Left 4 Dead 2: 4 GB
For Killing Floor: 6 GB

For Minecraft:
128 MB RAM - 1 GB
256 MB RAM - 3 GB
512 MB RAM - 6 GB
768 MB RAM - 9 GB
1 GB RAM - 12 GB

HL2DM: if you run a HL2DM server the maximum number of slots is only 16. For this server if you require the additional storage permitted at the higher SRCDS slot counts you may purchase additional slots. While the actual count would stay at 16 the permitted disk storage would increase according to the SRCDS list.

Customers found to be using more disk space than permitted will be asked to delete files or purchase additional slots to bring their accounts into compliance. If after a couple warnings there is no response or the customer is noncompliant UltimateGameHost may choose to terminate the account and issue a pro-rated refund for time remaining.

Notification of Changes to this Policy

We may change this policy from time to time. Any material change to the policy that impacts our service to you will be sent out via email. You may decline such a change, at which case we may terminate your service at the end of your current billing cycle. If we change the policy the date at the top will change. If the date hasn't changed you may assume the policy has not changed.